Founded in 1994 by a design team with unrivaled knowledge in the industry, Bod & Christensen has built a reputation over the years as a staple in Montreal’s fashion industry.

Specializing in leather, Bod & Christensen works with tanneries across the world to find the best materials to represent a design vision that strives to be contemporary, wearable, practical and, of course, above all, beautiful.

Our unique treatments and washes, using oils, waxes and stains enhance the natural individual beauty of each garment.

The details in the skins and the high-quality finish make each Bod & Christensen garment unique.

Bod & Christensen has learned to adapt to the ever-changing fashion and business trends. Our sales team continues to grow our retail following as we continue to find new ways to offer our exceptional garments worldwide. Our products can be found across stores in North America and online at specialty retailers as we prepare to launch our online shop.

- Leather is for life.